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Young Gifted

Born and raised in the eerie streets of New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Young Gifted has been together since 1988. Started out as a dance crew; then turned rap group.

Main Rapper Name: L.O.V.E stands for:

(L) yrical (O) men (V) icious (E) verywhere “Aka” The Lunatic Bandit

Love discovered that he had the lyrical skills to rap. Total Kaos discovered he had the skill and talent to make beats. So in 1990, Love and Total kaosdecided to put together the mega rap group “Young Gifted”.

Group: Young Gifted
Featured Artist: Love
Group Members: Profilez & Reaction “aka” Prime Order
Singer: Baby Boy
Producer: Total Kaos
Other Founding Members: Detroit, Tang, ES, Ern, Di,
Young Gifted Entertainment

Mixtape title: Young Gifted “Jersey's Finest" Vol 1

We know that Young Gifted is the hottest group out there, with the hottest rappers coming straight out of New Jersey. So with that thought in mind, we were inspired to come up with the titled track: Jersey’s Anthom. We decided it was best to name our mixtape: Young Gifted “Jersey Finest” Vol 1

Mixtape title: Young Gifted "Get Busy On Um”

In the early 90's, hip hop was finally getting the recognition as a force to be reckoned. So allot of people became inspiring rappers. Therefore the industry became flooded. So we felt that we had to step up our game and "Get Busy On Um".

We believe that Young Gifted represent’s real hip hop. When hip hop was created, it was all about the culture and its movement. Now it’s about the all mighty dollar. Over the years, music has changed dramatically. We feel that artist moved away from developing their talent and lyrical skills. That's why we stayed true to the culture. Our lyrics are razor sharp, and on point. Our style is very versatile and we have tracks for all occasions. The lack of creativity and frustration with hip hop culture of today, Young Gifted had to get highly motivated and inspired to come up with the titled track:
"Stay True To Your Trade"

We were influenced by Rappers such as,

Public Enemy, NWA, EPMD, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J, KRS-1, BiG, Tupac, Snoop-Dog & the Dog Pound, Wu-tang Clan, Redman, Naughty by Nature, Queen Latifah & the Flavor Unit, Lyte, Jay-Z, Eminem, Nas, Canibus, Lil Wayne, Drake, Rick Ross.

Young Gifted Key Songs:

1) Get Busy On Um_Remix
2) Throw Ur G's Up
3) Get It In Blood
4) Amplified_Org
5) Amplified_Remix
6) Made For The Streets_Org
7) Made For The Streets_Remix
8) Helified Flow
9) 7th Sign
10) Creep Show
11) Stay true To Your Trade

Track list:

Young Gifted “Jersey’s Finest” Vol 1

1) Throw Ur G’s Up
2) Get it In Blood
3) 7th Sign
4) Hot Shhh_Prime Order
5) Amplified_Org Version
6) Get Up_Prime Order
7) Friday
8) Creep show
9) On Your Mind
10) Jerseys Anthom
11) Get Open
12) Stay True To Your Trade
13) Black Essence
14) Inside me_BabyBoy

Young Gifted “Get Busy On Um”

1) Torture
2) Get Busy On Um_Remix Version
3) Amplified_Remix Version
4) Made For The Streets_Org Version
5) Set Um Straight_Prime Order
6) Nuthin But A Hustle
7) Bust As Good_Prime Order
8) Made For The Streets_Remix Version
9) Helified Flow
10) Keep It Live_Prime Order
11) Relic_Remix Version
12) High’s The Limit
13) Trials & Tribulations
14) Hit Ah Gut_Prime Order
15) Warlock & Witches
16) Rugged Rawness
17) Betrayal_Prime Order
18) Strickly For My Peoples
19) Relic_Org Version
20) Get Busy on Um_Org


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Young Gifted " Get It In Blood"

almost 4 years ago

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Check 4
Young Gifted "Throw Ur G's Up"

almost 4 years ago

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Check 4 the hottest mixtapes on the planet:

1) Young Gifted "Get Busy On Um"

2) Young Gifted "Jersey's Finest" Vol 1

almost 4 years ago

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