Why Un-Convention works...

Why Un-Convention works


From hip hop in the barrios of Medellin, to music with street kids in India, to discussions around social change in Salford Lads Club with Billy Bragg’s Jail Guitar Doors Project


From Jarvis Cocker and Billy Bragg talking about how they use music politically, to Bant Singh talking about how he used music to speak out against the caste system in India


Linking grassroots and independent music makers and producers internationally via the web hub and helping to promote music identities for countires around the world.


Un-Convention aims to have the conversations other events don’t. We have events specifically for women in music, around Jamaican diaspora and for marginalised musicians


Un-Convention is about building sustainable careers, communities and organisations


Un-Convention uses the web to galvanize its communities and help them connect and share


Un-Convention is about local scenes and the idea of ‘do it together’ culture


Un-Convention features the best music around the world, from cumbia in Colombia, to tango punk orchestras in Argentina, to punk in Brazil. We have featured acts like British Sea Power, Har Mar Superstar, Reverend and the Makers, The Whip, Everything Everything, Graham Massey (808 State), Young Fathers and many more