This is the area of the website where you can upload your ideas for things that Un-Convention should be doing to represent grassroots, DIY and independent music communities around the world. Simply – add an idea and then people will vote on those they like and the top ten ideas will go to the Board every six months and the best ideas will be carried out.

These could be initiatives such as the development of touring networks or ideas for content at Un-Convention events or ideas for where to hold Un-Conventions. It’s about what matters to the community. Totally independent. Totally democratic.



Hello everybody!
I've just started a Music Industries Management course in Manchester (on which Jeff Thompson lectures) and I've started a blog that documents my experiences and learnings as I go find out first-hand what the music industry is all about.

The reason I tell all of you this is because... Read more

almost 4 years ago

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over 4 years ago

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I have a house in the Overberg region in the Western Cape South Africa. It is a small town called Barrydale. There is an organisation called 'Net Vir Pret' - this means 'Just For Fun' that I help out the best way that I can by fundraising.
The children love music and love... Read more

about 5 years ago

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I was watching a documentary about the 'partidicidio' against the 'union patriotica' in Colombia. Over 1000 of its members killed during the period 1984-2006. I would like to create one or more songs to keep alive the memory of this atrocity and that of all the innocent people that died because of... Read more

over 5 years ago

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