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Simone Tripodi

Director at Hu(Man)-Gallery
Italian born music producer and film maker based in Manchester.(and I LOVE IT to bits)
Since 2008 is a Director and since 2011 Co-Director of the Youth Village Ltd.
I am co-working on a developement and implement music and multiplatform projects,in order to share skills and expertise in the film and music industry.
I am about to nurture talents and co-operate with them in order to grow professionally togheter!!!
Got a wide knowledge in music and film production but the learning curves never ends!!!

Here is a link of some of our productions:


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With Hu(Man) Gallery (Community Interest Company) and Youth Village Ltd we got the opportunity to organize a festival in Senegal and Gambia,also we got a vast network in Pakistan of extremely prolific musicians.
Please get in touch and we can set up a meeting and a strategy.

over 4 years ago

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