Martin Heslop

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A songwriter and musician extraordinaire of dark stories and haunted melodies. Since releasing his first EP, ‘As the Stories Burn’, in 2010, Martin has been playing extensively across the North in various different guises. He is currently recording his debut album set to be out in the Autumn. He also collaborates regularly with playwrights in Liverpool and Newcastle to write and perform live music for theatre shows. Heavily involved in, and passionate about the recording and production end of music, Martin runs Shipyard Studios in Wallsend. “This is crying out for national radio play. Feverish. Creeping. A contagion. It conjures up silent movie melodrama.” – Robert Nichols, Middlesbrough Evening Gazette "Refreshingly original take on songwriting - Martin's lyrics flow from lament to lament, a balance between the heartfelt and the tongue-in-cheek... He acknowledges the influences of Fabrizio de Andre and Tom Waits but I was immediately reminded of Nick Cave. In a seafaring mood. Highly recommended". - Link Magazine