Claude Werner

Claude Werner...


Claude R. Werner came out of an egg in 1975 in a far flung corner of the earth. Changed hemispheres as often as a migrating bird. Landed in Newcastle upon Tyne in pursuit of 'un triste affaire de cœur' by a circuitous route that took in New York, Paris, Barcelona, and goodness knows where else- a visiting Danish rhythm section greeted him as an old friend. Learnt his craft on the front-line playing with world class musicians across Europe. Those who have come to expect a sometimes slightly psychotic post-bopper tenor saxophonist are beguiled by the warm expressiveness of his tone in his most recent work, Thoughts and Recollections. And we have not even mentioned composition studies with an avant-garde Chilean composer, a published book, a musical... So what does this say about Claude Werner? Listen to the music.