We Swim You Jump

We Swim You Jump...


One thing becomes painfully obvious; We Swim You Jump shows an immense amount of promise. This is a band that, in a brief five songs, totaling only 15 minutes and 23 seconds, has already proved themselves a force to be recognized and a band warranting widespread attention, requiring countless ears to listen and mouths to spread the word, and demanding, above all, to be heard. Fensepost - June 2008, Richard and Niek had to make up a name quickly after they are asked to play their first shows in berlin (DE), hamburg (DE) and noorderzon (NL). Bas, Maarten and Bas were asked to join the band. we swim you jump was born. In only one year, We Swim You Jump has done things like, playing shows at Eurosonic 2009 and 2010, De Affaire, Paradiso, Patronaat, 't Paard, Vera, Watt, popronde 2009. Playing with Cold War Kids (USA), Benni Hemm Hemm (IS), Slaraffenland (DK), Loney Dear (SE), Broken Records(UK). Being the most favorited band of groningen by Vera-club of 2008 and 2009, receiving lots of attention from blogs around the globe. We Swim You Jump released a 5track home-recorded EP on subroutine; Get ready for their full length in 2010!