Anton Maskeliade/ Антон Маскелиаде

Anton Maskeliade/ Антон Мас...
Moscow, Russia

Антон Маскелиаде - участник глитч-поп дуэта "Зотовы Братья", авангардный музыкант и участник московской андерграундной сцены, звукорежиссер, фотограф, словом - человек многих талантов. Антон играет романтический и зыбкий IDM, иногда поет, иногда включает в запись живые инструменты, обрывки фраз, звуков и шумов, создавая размытые, но откликающиеся в памяти звуковые картины. Ему по силам выступить на фоне мультиков про Микки-Мауса и играть без потери качества на одном фестивале с артистами любой величины и известности. Скоро у Антона выходит новый альбом, и это должна быть бомба.


Anton Sergeev (aka Anton Maskeliade) is an adventurous musician, DJ and engineer based in Russia. Anton mashes screeching noise-drenched samplers with the thud of bit-crushed drum machines and tweaking MIDI controllers create soundscapes that are both catchy and confounding. With video, projection, web, and graphic design also in his creative arsenal, controllers, Anton’s digital worldview has made him a dynamic artist.

The recordings of his group, Zotovy Brothers, as well as his solo work, showcase Anton’s ability to synthesize avant-garde electronic and contemporary pop/dance music. Additionally, Anton has offered his discerning ear and expertise to recording, mixing and mastering bands with countless different musical styles. Since OneBeat, Anton has engaged in an ongoing collaboration with Fellows Chance McCoy (fiddler/vocalist, USA) and Edward Ramirez (cuatro player, Venezuela), developing his skills as a singer-songwriter.

A strong proponent of online exchange, Anton regularly documents the technical and philosophical processes behind his projects to connect a sprawling lo-fi music community. As a result, he has been invited to publish articles on recording theory and technique, lecture at multi-media conferences, and perform at various electronic music festivals.