Surfing Dog

Surfing Dog...
Moscow, Russia

Surfing Dog is something in between blues -rock jam 70s and modern avant - jazz session
The band is formed by members of such Moscow bands as the Goat's Notes, Lampa Ladino, EXIT Project, Jumping Cats, Ina Coveted group , Tinavie and many others.
Mary Logofet (violin ), Vladimir Rusinov (guitar) , Gregory Sandomirskiy (organ ), Oleg Maryahin (saxophone) , Paul Protasov ( bass) , Cyril Parenchuk (drums ) . A truly stellar ensemble !

Surfing Dog musicians rehearsing in advance, never plan the show details, so you never know where the things and music go by the end of the show! Each concert is unique!

The team cheerfully went from the psychedelia to the loud avant -rock in the style of Magma with aggressive rhythms and screaming into a microphone in an unknown language , bluesy " ballad " was replaced by the waltz , then from waltz to reggae... Anlike other improvisation projects which try to dumbfound and deaf the audience, to sound as dissonance and unpredictable as possible, the Surfing Dog remains in the " comfort zone " for the audience . "

" InRok " about a concert Surfing Dog


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