Synecdoche Montauk

Synecdoche Montauk...
Moscow, Russia

One could argue that this view of selfhood as naturally "networked" is just as audible in the stage-name of a new Moscow ensemble, Synecdoche Montauk. What on earth does that mean? A figure of speech expressing wholeness or unity through a mere fragment is joined to a distant location in New York State. This strange moniker's full meaning is constantly elsewhere, perhaps. Comprehensiveness and totality can only be hinted at - or stared at from afar. Once again, those associations would not lead us to expect cockiness or loud volume levels.
Synecdoche Montauk, in more direct terms, are signed by Snegiri Records and are enjoying considerable attention in the capital's press. Parallels soon emerge between frontman Savva Rozanov and Bon Iver, thanks in particular to his "gentle, tender acoustic songs," which are made with the help of Moa Pillar. Rozanov has even referred to his own style as a "game played with whispers," since - as suggested - we're always going to remain a long way from noisy self-assertion. Articles in Afisha and Colta have joined some related discussions of "music played through a wall."