Primarily a live dance band in the same vein as Keiretsu, Subsource and Digitalis, Lostrites and Manchester’s premier genre terrorists, seemingly combining; drum and bass, rock, reggae, ska, hip-hop, breakbeat, funk and soul. This broad and heady concoction of influences is due in no small part to the constant evolution of their line up over the last two years. Beginning as a pet project for ‘Black Mike’ Boote and Jonny ‘Long Arms’ Banyard playing over a drum machine they have since acquired Beak; a dubstep producer known as Headshrinker on synths, Charlie Stirzaker on live drums and Threp ‘The Viper’ on Bass.
Kathika Rabbit came on board as another vocalist and Bum Notes completes the ‘7 Piece Danger’ as a producer on trumpet and synths. Their passion fueled work ethic and a prodigious amount of gigging has meant that despite this seemingly constant flux, Lostrites have matured their sound into something instantly recognizable and unique.

(J.A.M Magazine issue 1/Spring 2011)