JP Cooper

JP Cooper...


I was born into a Catholic family in north Manchester in the 80's. My parents were artists, as was my granddad so the process of creation was always something that was around us.

Although I was always deeply affected by music, and by words and stories, I don't think I realised how I had fallen in love with these things until my teens. I can't recall the moment, the story or the record but this was definitely the time it happened

I found myself mostly working with rock musicians so I spent years writing and rehearsing in disused mills and garages and travelling the country in transit vans full of equipment. Had a lot of fun, made a lot of mistakes.

I think I was learning a lot about myself…..

Singing was always a huge thing for me. I had always loved soul music and old r n b and blues. I love singers like Donny Hathaway and Otis Redding but I also loved grunge singers like Chris Cornell from Soundgarden and Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam.

The next big influence for me was Gospel music. I joined a gospel choir after being asked to go along to a rehearsal at a performance I did. I fell in love with the vocal arrangements, the people and the singing style.

My songs are just the way I've seen things unfold over the years. They're about the way I see relationships with friends, lovers, society, God.

Honesty is hugely important to me.

I started focussing on my solo writing about 2 years ago and It has been an amazing journey. I think I'm just scratching the surface and am extremely excited to see what comes of the future. I just hope it affects people in a positive way.