That Amazing Thing!

That Amazing Thing!...


Castles, boats, village halls, hilltops, basements, pub back rooms, your living room, lofts, underground, overground, small, large, but most definitely Amazing!

That Amazing Thing! is like the best house parties you’ve ever been to.

We are a little underground night eschewing schedules & predictability.

We host parties round Manchester. Maybe one (two is usually the ambition, usually unfulfilled) a year in a club & a couple more hidden in lofts, cellars etc. Then there’ll be a couple outside the city; the fields, boats & castles mentioned have figured in the past.

We’ve been doing this since 2000. We started more conventionally, but then found doing weird irregular parties (underground vibe & as bizarre as we can make them) suited us. Our events are usually modestly priced, with any profits going to charity. It’s about having fun while hopefully doing some good in the world as a by-product.

Our musical remit is far-ranging, but house music is the core & we like to look to the future, rather than the past. We are honoured by compliments we’ve had & the support for the sounds we play over the years, our commitment to music is at the heart of everything we do. Our parties are blessed with the most Amazing! following, if you’ve experienced the atmosphere you’ll know this isn’t just self-serving hype. The surest guide to what we do is to look at the photos & listen to the mixes at our website