John Stammers

John Stammers...


Most hip-folkies tread the well worn path of revivalism, forgetting to forge a new path all of their own. One man foraging a lonesome trail is John Stammers, who not only creates beautiful and beguiling tales of love ‘n’ loss, but also manages to create folk-tales of a very modern place. A place that knows no boundaries. A place that we’ve all been to… but will never see on a map. In amongst the Celtic drones, the ghosts of traditional ballads, lies something of the Appalachian mountains and songs of the creeks and peaks. Moreso, John Stammers makes soul music for the reflective and the dreamy. A new LP recorded, channeling the spirit of acid-folk players since lost to the ether, melding the fire and ice of country heart-ache and bringing the loose jazz of late night bebop, with a stage presence that’s both welcoming and intense, John Stammers is a man to get lost in, a real life troubadour to follow into the shadows of the forest.