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Off Axis


For the last five years, Manchester based Un-Convention has organised events for grass roots and independent musicians across the world, from Preston and Oxford to Brisbane, Mumbai and Sao Paulo.

In that time it has been our endeavour to find new and innovative ways for artists to connect, and build sustainable careers in the modern music industry.

Three years ago we came across a network in Brazil called the Fora do Eixo. This network allows artists to play sold out shows across the whole country, even in cities they have never visited before. It is free to use and now involves 30,000 artists from across 200 cities, generating $44million for the independent music sector.

In December 2012 Un-Convention and the Fora do Eixo agreed to work together to build a similar network here in the UK. To that end we are partnering with organisations, artists, promoters and venues from Edinburgh, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, Wrexham, Norwich, Preston, London, Newcastle, Glasgow and everywhere in between.

The system works with, and rewards dedicated and hard working artists of any genre - enabling them to play successful and meaningful shows across the whole of the UK.

If you would like to find out how you can get involved then please contact:

or find us on Facebook at:

Fora do Eixo translates as ‘Off Axis’

The Off Axis Touring Network will launch in 2014

Un-Convention / Off Axis gratefully acknowledges financial support from PRS for Music Foundation