The Un-Convention Manifesto

Un-Convention is not about the traditional music industry. Un-Convention is not about the business of music. Un-Convention remembers the words business and industry are prefaced by the word music.

Un-Convention celebrates music. Its purpose is to provide a forum for those of us who work at the grassroots. For artists and musicians who want to understand how to get their music heard and how to practice their craft. For labels that want to champion this music and to spread the word. For people who want to work with music, be they promoters, publicists or creatives.

Un-Convention understands that the most interesting stuff happens on the margins. We don’t mind the mainstream; we just don’t find it relevant.

Un-Convention is a forum for ideas, for creativity, for shared experiences and knowledge and for seeing and hearing great artists.

Un-Convention doesn’t believe in ‘do it yourself’. We believe in ‘do it together’. Un-Convention is unconventional.

Un-Convention is a not-for-profit, independent-led music community made up of DIY and independent music makers and companies.