Jill Heslop...

Jill Heslop

Jill Heslop runs Shipyard Songwriters, founded in 2011 to bring songwriters, musicians and other artists together through a series of events, talks and projects, particularly focusing on the idea of songwriting as a form of social comment. Her current work is on encouraging and supporting political and topical songwriting and creative writing in Teesside through a series of live events and workshops, encouraging artists to connect with the social history of their area and the political and cultural debates that arise from it.

She has spent the last 7 years in Scotland and the North East of England working in independent music, managing and co-ordinating live music events as well as running Tyneside-based recording studio Shipyard Studios. She regularly works as artist liaison for large-scale events in the North East such as Stockton Weekender and Hartlepool Tall Ships as well as numerous one-off and small-scale events throughout the North East of England.

Her passion lies in modern and inventive music which reflects the changes in society through connections with the people and social history, especially in her beloved North East.