Day 1 (Saturday 11 February)
15:00 - 16:15

The Colombian city of Medellin has a history of drug gang and paramilitary violence during the decades of civil war. It is still recognised as one the most dangerous cities in Latin America. Cultural activists, embedded in Hip Hop culture, have developed hip hop schools for young people in the neighbourhoods or barrios across the city. Set up by local hip hop collectives, the schools provide young people a safe place to learn the four elements of Hip Hop: Mc-ing, Dj-ing, Graffiti and Break dancing. But is not just music that is taught, but life long learning skills – self expression and self esteem, literacy and arithmetic, and social and cultural heritage awareness - in the belief that these skills will all play a role in changing and empowering their communities ensuring that younger generations do not become victims of gang and paramilitary violence.
The impact of music and digital technology on changing people’s lives is clear – in 5 years the city has transformed from the most dangerous city in Latin America to a safer place with less crime and more opportunity for all. Music literally saves people’s lives in this city.
This panel will be in Spanish (with simultaneous translation in UK)

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