Online community house rules

We want this to be an interesting community of people - from those who’ve been sharing Un-Convention for a number of years, and who’ve helped to make it well worn, to those who’ve only just heard about about Un-Convention, and everybody in between.

This website is open to all, so you can:

  • find other people who love to Un-Convention and all it stands for
  • share ideas, ask questions and generally use people you can trust as a sounding board
  • have conversations about the many and diverse issues which interest you
  • inspire others with your passion, knowledge and experience.

The rules

We want this website to be a fun place, which means everybody playing by the rules - which are simply; don't be boring. If you don't know what boring is, then you probably are. Here are some clues:

  • Boring people post irrelevant links to commercial projects. Please don't use Un-Convention to carry out your next marketing campaign or to advertise. If somebody is interested and wants to find out, they can ask you directly
  • Boring people spam those who’ve chosen to share their Un-Convention experience
  • Boring people hide behind fake online identities
  • Boring people don't use their real name online
  • Boring people don't keep their profiles up to date.

Please don't spoil it for others. If you choose to be boring, then we reserve the right to ban you from our community. Got it? 

Online community house rules...

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