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Manchester Music Awards


Un-Convention Factory

What made a decent Manchester gig or festival in 2010?

In all honesty, it was probably the ability to actually remember it.

With the arrival of so many new Manc music festivals over the past 12 months, there was a real danger in all those gigs and bands blurring into one big murky mass and becoming a single Dot To Hungry Pigeons From The Other City.

So hats off then, to Salford’s innovative Un-Convention organisers, who, back in May, resolved to stage an event no-one could ever forget.

A spin-off event from their yearly Salford convention, Un-Convention Factory set out to create a little slice of Manc history by taking over a huge warehouse in Macclesfield, assembling a load of top musicians (including Reverend Soundsystem and The Whip), then attempting to record a whole album in one day (which they did).

Part gig, part industry workshop, and part cool Manc music happening, here was effusive proof of how special Manc music events can be when they dare to be original.