Recent presentation of Un-Convention Moscow at Avant Fest

Un-Convention Hub Moscow presentation and discussion about the communication between the participants of the music community took place on 28 of July 2013 during AVANT FORUM, Moscow.
The Un-Convention Hub Moscow team Ekaterina Boguslavskaya, Tatiana Kirianova and Ilya Trapeznikov told about the history and ideas of Un-convention , it’s music and social aspects. They also presented the Moscow event which is going to happen in November 2013. The audience had a chance to meet the co-founder of the project Jeff Thomson, who joined the presentation via Skype session.
During the discussion Ilya Trapeznikov emphasized the existing problem of the communication between the participants of the independent music scene, the disconnection of the music community. Maxim Silva-Vega, director of the festival AVANT fest , and Jesús Llorente - Spanish TannedTin festival organizer shared their opinions on the topic. Sergei Bondarkov the host of the music programs on Radio “Cultura”, underlined the need to create a platform for communication, exchange of ideas and views for all participants of the music industry.
The Business School RMA professor, an independent music market expert, Alexey Nikolaev remarked the importance of the educational component in improving communication between the local music scene participants. "Today the lack of knowledge about the way the music industry works, often hinders communication of musicians, producers, record labels, and the audience. Musicians do not understand how to organize the distribution of its records, the audience does not understand how the musicians earn their money. My lectures are aimed at telling simple words young musicians and the audience, how the music business works, what is the scheme of the processes in the music community. In an atmosphere of easy communication together we formulate relevant questions and find the answers. This format of interaction helps to acquire new knowledge and improve communication "- concluded Alex.